Care Farming for Mental Health

Magdalen’s care farming programmes are run by highly experienced teachers with a specialism in special education needs and mental health.

Each care farming session is tailored to meet the needs and circumstances of the individual or group. Flexibility, choice and customisation are key to all our visits whether just for the day or longer.

Care Farming is also referred to as Ecotherapy - and evidence from Mind concludes that “ecotherapy has a role to play in building and supporting our wellbeing and resilience, and keeping us all healthy.”

Please see: ‘Feel better outside, feel better inside: Ecotherapy for mental wellbeing, resilience and recovery’

Experience has shown us that needs often change so, while we work to a pre-agreed itinerary, nothing is fixed. If you need us to change the schedule we’ll happily make alternative suggestions - the ultimate aim is to create a memorable visit.

Calm on the Farm

“M has had a difficult life and never had a childhood or adolescence as such and she was really finding the child in herself yesterday and that Is the first time I have ever heard her say I really really enjoyed that!”   Peer Support Member

Calm on the Farm is a programme specially designed for people suffering from mental health problems.  It is both preventative and restorative and gives adults an opportunity to gently spend time in nature, with animals and with others.

Calm on the Farm offers a tailor-made day programme that is practical and hands-on.  Participants get involved in valuable work in the horticultural gardens and with the animals.  There is also plenty of time if people just want to stop, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the moment.  Supportive, flexible supervision is provided, along with a fresh home-cooked lunch using produce from the farm and a range of craft activities for a more sedentary afternoon.

Calm on the Farm produces relaxation, social inclusion, an increased sense of wellbeing and a progression route to volunteering.

Calm on the Farm - Sample Day Trip Itinerary

Preparing for your visit

Before you visit, we’ll ask you to tell us about the individual or group and their abilities. We’ll discuss what they want to achieve and we’ll make some suggestions based on what you’ve told us and your budget.

Even when we’ve put together a plan we can still change it on the day (and often do).

As we get to know some of our return visitors we are able to chart their progression and make suggestions that would help with their individual learning plans. We’ve seen many cases of significant improvement. This could combine our activities along with activities of your own. Flexibility is key - it’s your stay with us and we’ll help you plan to get the best from it.

Contact us

For more information about our care farming programme for people with mental health problems, please contact us.

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